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Elite Proxy Switcher is an application which can help you change your IP
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Elite Proxy Switcher is an application which can help you change your IP. This is a very useful tool for situations when you don't want to reveal your true identity over the Internet. The IP acts like an identity card, so when you visit websites, their owners may block your access for different reasons. You can trick them by hiding your real place behind a proxy whose IP would be actually shown as your IP to other Internet users.

The program has a proxy list service extension which is recommended to be bought when it comes to email sending, secure websites browsing, or online game playing, and you want the activities to run smoothly and still your identity to be covered. As a compromise, you can save some proxies from My-Proxy forum or proxy list. After bringing the proxies to the list pane, you will be asked whether to test them or not. It is advised to perform this action for knowing from the very start which of them are still active. You may repeat the action every time when necessary. All you have to do is select the proxies you want to test. You can double click a working proxy, and press the Ctrl+I combination of keys to check if your IP has changed. The anonymity of proxies is tested using the proxy judge, a page which is automatically updated in case one proxy dies.

Elite Proxy Switcher is a reliable application which allows you to surf freely on the Internet and keep your identity hidden out of privacy reasons.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • It secures your privacy over the Internet
  • You can test selected proxies at any moment
  • It automatically updates the proxy judge page


  • It works only with some popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
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